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How Social Media Can Affect Small Business Owners in Nigeria

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We live in a world of opportunities. With the right amount of investment, innovation and hard work, anyone can take up any business and make it a success. That is why you need to utilize even the smallest of the opportunity to make your business shine. Speaking of opportunities, social media does not give you a small one but an amazingly large platform to let people know who you are and what you provide. Gone are the days when businesses needed little to no advertisement.

You need to be effective in your social media campaign because you are not the only one doing it. Your competition is getting bigger. Get a head start by milking out every single opportunity that social media can provide you. You need to get to ground level, understand the market and find out the best strategy to promote yourself to the masses. This is exactly the kind of marketing opportunity that social media presents. And to salvage these capabilities, you need the right tools. A single large billboard or an expensive TV commercial is not going to cut it if you truly want to reach out to your target audience. Businesses thrive on a simple logic. If you don’t tell people what you are, they don’t buy from you. The more people know about you, the more chance you get to widen your profit margin.

Nothing quite attracts customers than content that helps solve problems. Customers are driven by the need to solve their day-to-day challenges, and publishing on social media that can best deliver meaningful relevant content in this regard can greatly increase your chances of increasing sales conversions and business growth opportunities.

As a business, there is no reason why you should not opt for social media. Keeping your audiences engaged with content on new product launches, tips and tricks, and solutions to common problems goes a long way in directing traffic to your website and enhancing your company’s brand image. Social Media constitutes a large element in content marketing, which has remarkable uses in enhancing corporate visibility and reputation of the firm, in addition to other benefits. According to sources, Social Media is instrumental in acquiring customers and increasing investment returns.

Social media has radically altered the way consumers are able to interact with content. Hence, after social media, consumers want a comparably similar, intuitive, and interactive experience on the websites they visit.

Social media marketing is the engine of online business machine today. It fulfills the primary purposes of attracting more customers, converting visitors into leads, online advertising, improving sales, introducing new products and finding prospect businesses. Content is the fuel of social media engine. With changing trends, people want less time-consuming, more informative and more attractive content. Google also optimizes the web pages which deliver quality and quantity both. Social multimedia marketing refers to using different type of media to compose your business promotional content. Images, stock photos, graphical illustrations, infographics, graphical images, 3D pictures, videos, audios, text content, webinars and all other content types are mixed to attract maximum types of visitors on one post. Popular social networks for social media marketing include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, Reddit and popular blogging websites.

Social media is free or atleast cheap enough which any small business owner can afford, using social media you can communicate with your audiences in a better way. Below are few tips which can be effective for small business owners planning to use social media: The following are tips to get the best out of your social media;

1. Focus on Quality than Quantity
Social media is more about one to one communication. Instead of many updates, a single update which your audience likes to share and comment on can be more valuable to you.Your social media campaign should be planned in a smart way, it’s not about just posting 15-20 updates a day, irrelevant postings might irritate your audience and you might be treated as a spammer.

2. Be Responsive
Responsive not in terms of website design but social media contents. By responding to the questions and comments from users in shortest possible time you can establish a reputation of good customer service on social media. You should always respond ASAP to users either they are posting on your facebook wall, marking you through tweets or commenting on your blog posts or updates.

3. Start with a good strategy
It’s vital that you get enough materials for different social media platforms like facebook, twitter etc.; and proper scheduling. While working on the budget and strategy, consider if you are going to do it in-house or outsource it, with a good strategy there are many tools available in the market which can help you to manage your social media yourself.

4. Focus on engagement and not sales
Social media should be focussed on user engagement and not sales. It’s not about posting regular updates about your company and products to facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. Think about your audience first, updates or posts should be that which your audience love. Don’t pitch as sales. Social media requires you to think beyond just posting updates about your product, extend it to industry, hot topics or anything where your audience loves to participate and discuss this further.

Five things that lead to business failure or affect business success in Social Media Marketing are:

1. Posting the Same Content Repeatedly
2. Not Responding to Questions or Comments from Users
3. Not building Relationships
4. Posting Without Targeting the right Market
5. Failing to Get Their Social Media Fans into their Business’s Sales Funnel

Try above tips with great content and be responsive and polite to your audience, social media can bring good branding, reputation and traffic to your website. Set targets which can be measured.

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