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How To Get and Work Remotely In Nigeria

working remotely in nigeria

For many people, remote work is the ideal way to work. You get the income stability and benefits of being an employee, plus the freedom to work wherever fits you best. You get to ditch the soul-crushing commute and, yes, work in your pajamas if you like. Before you throw out all your suits, though, you have to land the job.

Although remote work is becoming more popular in Nigeria, almost 30% of the Nigeria I.T companies and some other firms workforce works remotely, compared to only 9% 20 years ago–it's still not the norm, and competition for these positions is fierce. Here at PMT, we're a 50% remote team and we get many applicants for our job openings. In our Social Media roles, for example, only 10% of applicants get a job fit interview and only 1% are hired.

So if you want to work remotely, you need a plan. A plan that will help you showcase to hiring managers that you're not only the best candidate for the job, you're also cut out for working productively on your own.

Understand What Employers Are Looking For
It takes a certain kind of person to work successfully in a remote work environment. There's no one looking over your shoulder prompting you to get stuff done. You might feel isolated and unmotivated on your own. Day-to-day communication with your boss and teammates can be trickier without body language cues. And there's a very real danger of overworking when your office is open 24/7 and a few feet away. So as beneficial as remote work can be, it's not without its challenges, and employers who hire remote workers are keen on making sure every person on their staff can thrive in this environment. Also, it's a good idea to make sure for yourself that you really want to work remotely.

You don’t have to be a tech wizard, but at least have some familiarity with tools and be open to ongoing learning.
1. You’re an efficient communicator
2. You’re independent and trustworthy
3. You’re tech savvy
4. You’ve mastered time management

Where to Find Remote Jobs
The first step in finding a remote job is knowing where not to look. When you're desperate for flexibility and the desire to work from home is so great, it's easy to fall into these kinds of traps. Bottom Line reports that there are roughly 100 "work from home" job scams online for each real opportunity.

If you’re unsure of a job posting, there are a few ways you can proceed:
1. Although not always the case, avoid general classified sites. While legitimate jobs are posted there, you’ll have to research the company to be 100% sure. Job hunting is stressful and time-consuming enough as it is.
2. Check out the company’s website. Check to see if there are any red flags that stand out to you. Does it lack professionalism or basic contact information?
3. If you decide to proceed and you’re selected for an interview, a video chat is helpful because you’ll interact with people versus communicating through emails. If you meet more than one person during the interview process, that could be a bonus.

The following remote work job boards have a great track record and are a good place to start your search. When you find a job you’re interested in, research the company before applying–just as you should when applying to any job. You want to be sure you understand their business and feel that you would be a good fit, rather than haphazardly sending off your resume to any company that might offer remote work jobs.
Jobberman some will argue is the most popular job vacancy listing site in Nigeria. “The unacceptable high rate of unemployment got us totally perplexed and we decided to "take over the world (Jobs World)" and do something about it.” We set out with a mission to organise, deliver and manage the largest catalogue of jobs in Nigeria. We help employers fill their vacancies quickly and cost-effectively by giving them access to the most relevant pool of qualified job-seekers and professionals.

This is another popular job vacancy listing site in Nigeria. Its uniqueness may be in the simplicity, user-friendly and attractive view of the website; simple and easy to navigate. Users though will find many useful pieces of information that will aid their job search or in the case of employers, will aid their employment process, this site has simplified everything. Nothing cumbersome at all. Anyone who is willing should visit this site and have an experience of simplicity that breeds possibility.

3. Log on to this website and you meet a gamut of information that tells you they are serious and mean business. Nothing is left to chance. Everything you need is there, you can almost get it at first instance.

There are several job vacancy listing platforms that have gone beyond just listing vacancies, but created communities of users. These sites have successfully created a platform where users can come and get useful information via discussion groups that can help them in their quest to secure the kind of jobs they need.

Others Jobs board that are very resourceful for remote jobs are:




How to Apply and Interview for a Remote Work Job

Prepare for the video interview
If you’re going to interview via video chat, here are a few key considerations:
Try out the video app before the interview. Whatever app your interviewer chooses to use, install it (if required), log on in advance, and check it out. Familiarizing yourself with the tool is especially important if you haven’t used it before. Nothing is more nerve-racking than starting an interview late because you didn’t know how to use the tool or you're having problems with your computer's audio or video. (Still, it happens.) Find a quiet space where you can focus on your interview and won’t be distracted. Although comfortable, coffee shops might not be a good option. Some coworking spaces, on the other hand, offer private rooms or phone booths where you can have your video chat. Wherever you set up for the interview, make sure the lighting is adequate and whatever's in the background of the video isn't unprofessional.
Dress professionally and stay engaged during the interview. Avoid distracting patterns or colors that might not look good on video. You want the focus to be on what you’re saying and not on what you’re wearing. At the same time, make sure you're comfortable in your clothes so you can focus on the interview.
Body language is still important when you're doing a video interview. The eye contact, smiling, and not fidgeting rules apply here just as much as in in-person meetings. Also make sure to turn off your phone's and computer's notifications, less those become a distraction for you and your interviewer.

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