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How Social Media Can Affect Small Business Owners in Nigeria

Over the past few years social media has been an integral part of any business marketing plan, coupled with search engine optimization; Social media has done wonders to many brands. Especially when it comes to reputation management and branding, social media plays a key role. However you need to be very careful with your approach, it can affect negatively as well...

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working remotely in nigeria

How To Get and Work Remotely In Nigeria

For many people, remote work is the ideal way to work. You get the income stability and benefits of being an employee, plus the freedom to work wherever fits you best. You get to ditch the soul-crushing commute and, yes, work in your pajamas if you like. Before you throw out all your suits, though, you have to land the job. Although remote work is becoming more popular, almost 30% of the Nigeria workforce works remotely, compared to only 2% 15 years ago–it's still not the norm, and competition for these positions is fierce...

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digital marketing

Importance of Inbound Marketing for Small Business

Inbound marketing plays an important role in web based business. It is inbound marketing strategies only which help you to attract visitors toward your website, and turn them into sales. There are three basic strategies of inbound marketing and they are; get found, convert, and analyze. And, this article concentrates on these three strategies of inbound marketing to tell you, ‘how important inbound marketing is for small business?’...

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