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It's About turning great ideas into digital solutions @ Prime Media Tech

Helping our clients move to new horizons.

We are a Web Design Agency in Nigeria helping companies succeed by providing them with stunning, engaging website design and development that drive sales and keep customers coming back time and time again.


From idea to success, Helping brands stand out!

We specialise in behavioural change. We ask “why?” and “how?” a lot to refine and enhance ideas into brilliant award winning products.
Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

It’s easy to say that our service must be reliable, but the concept of reliability extends beyond our solutions – it includes the service providers, delivery mechanisms, technical strategy, how we test, and ourselves as individuals. We place a premium on reliability because we know how integral we are to our customers’ success.

Our Mission

Our Mission.To Redefine your Brand.

Setting yourself apart from competitors is important, but that alone isn’t enough to engage decision-makers. Brand differentiation is only one component of a strong brand. We ensure your brand have a distinct personality or tone, so that it must be credible, and it should include a clear promise that you make to your customer or clients.

What We Do

What we Do.Make our Customers Happy.

We are attentive; Listen to feedback and take notes to make sure we understand what our customer wants. Consistent in providing quality services and ensures that every job is done the right way. We don’t come on too strong, we respect our Customers and continue to satisfy by Offering Ongoing Support and Specials.


We do more than just design. We plan, research, wireframe, create, develop, test, and market

Our user-orientated philosophy underpins everything we do, whether you need a fresh design, smart logo, or smooth retail interface.

Client Communication

Not all surprises are good surprises - that’s why we map out key project milestones and touch base along the way.

Latest Technology

We’re up-to-the-minute on all things tech and continually engage with the community to develop our skills and processes.

Full Stack Developers

We have a team of versatile, development maestros who can handle anything you throw at them - front, middle and back.

Strict Protocols

Clean code is safe code. We insist that everything we make is dependable, powerful and quality-assured.

Creative Designers

Our designers approach every project with technical wizardry and magnificent aesthetics. Qualified and Creative!.

Customer Value

Our packages are bespoke, so costs and timelines are dependent on your goals, but we work smart as well as hard.

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