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Ollystics is a music and entertainment company that you can trust. They've worked with bands, Award winning artists, musicians, producers, and others in the music industry with their custom music brands and marketing solutions.

  • Services: Web Design and Development
  • Completed on: 12th July, 2015
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WOSCIN is a women non-profit/non-governmental organization established and registered in Nigeria and also USA. They care and develop the women to transform their generation. They recognize the prevalence of poverty which is linked with the structure of society.

  • Services: Web Design and Development, Consulting
  • Completed on: 19th April, 2016
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MurphyBeth Nigeria Limited is a consumer finance company committed to providing consumer credit to our target market in the most efficient and convenient manner while ensuring best practices. We provide Cash Loans to individual, groups and offer Point of sale finance for consumer goods and appliances in partnership with retailers across the country. We are the group committed to use credit as an instrument to empower members. We strategize on effective organization, proper orientation, discipline and creativity.

  • Services:
  • Completed on: 5th October, 2016
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